Slayers24 – The Freshers Awaken

Start off the new semester in the best possible way, with Slayers24. Join us at Queen’s Students’ Union on Saturday November 4th, now beginning at 10am, for a full 24 hours of  fun-filled gaming and some great anime fun!
Entry is £5 for Members and £8 for Non-Members and can be paid upon arriving.

Don’t let Halloween die too soon, we expect even more cosplay at this 24, and we will be running a selection of spookier games, including The VillageBetrayal at House on the Hill, Dread, Mysterium and many, many more. Have no fear, we still have all the usual great Console gaming, PC Gaming and eSports, Tabletop games, Anime Screenings on offer; not to mention our wide range of other events including:

  • MIDNIGHT RAFFLE (Grand prize to be revealed soon)
  • Traditional Halloween themed games
  • 1-2 Switch friendly group contests
  • E-sports
  • BYOPC LAN gaming
  • Massive group games (Including The Village and Two Rooms and a Boom)
  • RPGs – including Halloween themed one-shots
  • RPGs – How-to-GM for beginners Workshop
  • Anime events (More details will follow, COSPLAYERS WELCOME)
  • Wargaming

Four Star Pizza will be delivering pizza an huge quantity of food in the evening, thanks to our excellent discount: a 16” pizza for only a tenner! Additionally, because our 24 is such a special occasion, on this night only they will throw in your choice of garlic bread or wedges for free, or upgrade to Chicken strips for only an extra £2, when you order through us!

Stay tuned and check back here for our list of upcoming special events and activities for this Slayers24!

As always, events are subject to change and run with availability of participants.

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Freshers Night 2017

Welcome (back) to Dragonslayers, for the 2017/18 academic year.

We’re kicking things off with our Freshers Night, on Tuesday, October 3rd, promising a fun-filled night showcasing all the fun that Dragonslayers has to offer, including Consoles, Tabletop Gaming, Anime and our massive Start-of-Year raffle, with about 100 prizes to be won, including a brand new Nintendo Switch!

Remember to first call at our registration desk to purchase your membership, receive your Membership card and receive our brand new ‘Dragonlayers PASSPORT’. This ‘Passport’ will be your key to exploring all that ‘slayers has to offer, and simply by collecting stamps, you can win additional raffle tickets, to increase your chances of winning great prizes.

The night begins at 6pm, with the raffle set to start at 9:30pm, we look forward to seeing you all there.