Attack of the Steam Machines!

With the new year comes new surprises, and this year we’ve decided to do something a little different.

With the help of the gaming crew from this year’s Q-Con, and a few member donations, we’re proud to announce the addition of Steambox gaming to the consoles this year!

We’re using the Steam Link to bring you a selection of games from our eSports gaming PCs, streamed over our improved network and played on any TV on-demand, with a collection of Slayers owned and member donated games to boot. Whilst the collection is vast, the local co-op and competitive multiplayer games we have on initial offer are as follows:

Phew. Is that not enough? Want us to order a game? Check out what games we already own and if you don’t see one you’d like us to get, let us know! Make sure to check out the games we offer across all our consoles on the Console Gaming page!

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