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Saturday, 09 October 2010 13:47

Our next 24 hour event will be held on the weekend of the 23rd of October in The Space, Queen's Students' Union.

* Rock Band, now with over 1100 songs to choose from
* Guest appearances by a variety of Shmup games
* Retro console gaming
* A more eclectic mix of console games than our regular Tuesday nights
* Warhammer 40k battles
* More board games than you can shake a really big stick at
* CCG freeplay
* RPG gaming
* Zombies, Pirates and Ninjas, oh my!

There will be console game tournaments, and other tabletop gaming events running all weekend. With 24 hours to play - you should try a little bit of everything!

Now for the important stuff:

  • When: Noon Saturday 23rd - Noon Sunday 24th October
  • Where: The Space, Queen's Students' Union.
  • How Much? £5 for Dragonslayers members, £8 for non-members for the entire weekend. Over 18s only.

Read on for more information about our 24 hour events and important info about our strict over 18's policy for the event

Our 24 hour all-nighter or "Slayers24" as it is affectionately known will be held in The Space of the Students' Union, the room where Dragonslayers meets on a Tuesday night. It's open to everyone so feel free to bring along a friend or two.

As with previous 24 hour events, there will be no official PC LAN or tuck-shop. You are free however to bring a PC/laptop and play at no additional cost. As for the tuck-shop, we recommend you stock up from the SU Shop before it closes.

We’ll have all our regular console equipment and games available with the addition of a few special events that only a full 24 hours can accommodate.

If console gaming isn’t your thing there’s ample opportunity to run a day long RPG or perhaps play an 8 player game of Twilight Imperium, if you’ve ever wanted to play a really long game but haven’t had the time then our 24 hour event is an opportunity that can't be missed.

At a previous event a group of brave gamers ran an entire Dungeons & Dragons campaign over the course of 24 hours, an achievement accomplished through sheer force of will and gallons of coffee and energy drinks.

The Space has heating but just in case it is cold,we recommend that attendees bring some warm clothes.

The Students' Union itself will be locked from 1am Saturday until noon Sunday so during this time if you leave the building you wont be able to get back in.

We will be enforcing a strict over 18's only policy for anyone staying after 8pm ID WILL BE REQUIRED.


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